The Christmas Cracker Dogs

The Wondrous Traveler

Image - California Citrus Crate Label Image – California Citrus Crate Label

I have always loved the English tradition of pulling Christmas crackers and then wearing the cheerful paper crowns found inside during Christmas dinner. During holiday visits with family and friends in Devon and Cornwall, I was first introduced to this custom many years ago. The Christmas cracker itself looks like an oversized Tootsie Roll wrapped in shiny metallic paper while inside it, there is a very tiny firework that goes off when the cracker is pulled apart.

Some years past, I was invited to the annual Christmas Eve party given by my neighbors for all the ex-patriates in the small village where I lived in the south of France. Along with a couple of my Dutch friends, we piled into a classic, dusty blue Citroën Deux Chevaux and made our way down the steep hill, past the historic olive mill, to the celebration. The…

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